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Fitness Holidays & Triathlon Training

The primary goal for Dominic James, Fitness Holidays & Triathlon Training Camps is to help you to achieve your desired goal quickly. You may wish to boost your current regime or to start a new one. You might want to perfect a discipline or sport like triathlon, or just rediscover a healthier version of yourself again. Whatever your aspirations might be, Dominic´s Fitness Holidays & Triathlon Training Camps delivers his internationally renowned fitness training in excellent environments in Marbella, providing you with the perfect setting to physically test yourself, supported by the highest levels of guidance, service and facilities.

Contact me for more info. and have a look here: Fitness Holidays Marbella and for your Triathlon Training Camps with head coach Tine Holst, Ironman Champion. You will find me there as a trainer too, have a look here : Triathlon Training Camps! An amazing experience to train on the Marbella Ironman 70.3 official course together.

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