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On-demand Online Fitness Training. Because personal training can still be private, even online, via direct messaging, using Zoom or calling me from anywhere in the world. I personalise your effective workouts to your goals, abilities & lifestyle. Even when you don’t have fitness equipment, you can still enjoy excellent online fitness training!

Please get in touch with me via WhatsApp to set up your first Online Fitness Training and ask for more information.

Prices are from €25 per 20 minutes.

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Why Online Fitness Training?

Whether you are motivated to get up and move more, don’t know what to do at the gym, or want to level up your fitness training, technology can help you out. Meet me as an online fitness trainer, where I, as well as in-person, can give you a kick in the butt to break a sweat or provide a plan for your next wellness goal.

The big question is whether my online fitness training is as good as the face-to-face experience. Is it worth paying for your plan and following from your phone or laptop? Let me answer all your questions about online fitness training and guide you to find the best fit for your fitness goals—online or otherwise.

What does your online fitness training include?

Like one-on-one personal training in person, you can get workouts tailored to your goals and fitness level when you attend online fitness training. This method of online fitness training comes right from me, your coach. Many trainers expand their offerings outside a studio or gym, allowing you to take their programs wherever you want. Think of it as the direct-to-consumer training model.  I will write up a month-long program of exercises, reps, and sets and provide live videos so you know exactly how to do each move from your personalised schedule. Then we can check on your progress (virtually) throughout the month, and I will answer any questions or concerns you have along the way.

What are the benefits of using online fitness training?

You gain many of the same pay-offs you’d get from me as an in-person personal trainer when you choose to go virtual. My expert guidance on your online fitness training will help you reach your goals for your ability.

What is the catch?

You have to make sure you’re signing up for a trainer or a workout that provides personalised service rather than those that dish out standard programs to every user or client. The service or trainer should be upfront about this, but you should also be able to tell if the plan is catered to you after you share your goals, abilities and past performance. I personalise all programmes, and also along the way, I adapt to your level and skills. Your wellness goals and lifestyle might change, and we must adapt to that so you will keep motivated and get the results you were looking for.

The advantage

One of the top advantages of my online fitness training, compared to in-person: is flexibility. There’s usually no set schedule for your workouts. You can book the time when it suits you. So you can do your fitness training  from home or on your own time.” If you’re travelling or busy with family and only have 30 minutes to spare—you can still do my workout tailored to you, as all my one on one training is mainly 45-60 minutes.

And by creating your schedule, together with me, you become more self-sufficient. Plus, since you need to report back to me—you’ll become more in tune with your own body and how specific exercises make you feel. This will also give you a fast result. I know from experience that you can achieve the same goals as if you are working with me live one-on-one.

Ok, but how much does online training cost?

Virtual training can be more cost-effective than signing up with me as your live one on one personal trainer.  Especially now with the lockdown in many countries and if you don’t have the funds. It is an excellent alternative I discovered.

Want to start with my online training, which you can do at home? I will gladly be your certified personal trainer.  Please send me a WhatsApp or book with the button here below. Together we will schedule your first session.

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