Personal Training Marbella – Tailored:

Everyone who wants to improve their fitness level requires a tailored personal training programme to achieve their wellness goals. More importantly, Personal Training Marbella with Dominic James will provide this.

Personal Training Marbella:

In conclusion, you will benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions and creating a unique dynamic with your personal trainer Dominic James. In other words, this allows you to focus on one thing – your results. For instance, considering your current fitness, (past) injuries, potential limitations, and nutrition, the initial fittest will give a good starting point. Finally, this will create a regime, and above all, this programme is specifically tailored for you. In addition, the entire schedule of health and fitness development will give you the confidence to follow through. This includes your Personal Training Marbella inside and outside the gym, if possible. Lastly, a good look at your diet and lifestyle is as important as your workouts.

Personal Training in Marbella


Dominic James will combine various disciplines and techniques to challenge your body and mind in multiple ways. Firstly, your options include strength, mobility and stretching sessions, cardiovascular exercise, and athletic performance. Secondly, you can choose to purchase single sessions or packages. Thirdly, Dominic recommends committing to at least two weekly sessions for Personal Training Marbella. He is realistic about how your day-to-day demands can impact your schedule. Still, the best option for fast results is three times a week.


Dominic´s plan is designed to be progressive and challenging for you. Your personalised plan will take you through all facets of fitness development. When you commit to Personal Training, Marbella, that is essential. Your bespoke plan ensures you are not just leaner, stronger, more flexible, more stable, and more agile. Therefore, the results will be achieving a much better shape and appearance. Guaranteed, your commitment, alongside Dominic´s experience, will surely deliver your desired results fast.

Marbella Anti-Ageing Plan:

Dominic James has carefully created a programme for 40 years of age and older. People of 40+ are looking to be longer, fit and healthy, live longer, feel energised, retain youthfulness and maintain and build their strength.

Dominic and his hand-picked team collated the best of science to understand male and female hormone maintenance. The Personal Training Marbella Team knows how to use certain factors to optimise your physical and mental performance. Your Marbella Anti-Ageing Plan works with intelligent fitness training & nutrition to understand the impact your hormones can have when training at 40 years and older.

The Marbella Anti-Ageing Plan looks at 4 individual pillars. These are essential to achieving your very best results. Physical training, Mindfulness, Recovery and Nutrition are all analysed to understand the impact of each and the role they play. Alongside the scientific research and data used to develop his programme, many clients have used it with excellent results. An efficient plan that has proven to be usable for everyday life. The Marbella Anti-Ageing Plan is designed and recommended to be followed along with an active, healthy lifestyle.

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